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Abbott’s 80th Birthday Party Aug 6-9

By: Chuck Kleiber |
August 7 2014 7:38

WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 6th 2014 9:00AM ABBOTT’S COLON GOLF CLASSIC (optional – more info) with Al the Only 9:00AM ABBOTT’S REGISTRATION OPENS at the Abbott Plant […]

2014 Magi-Fest Pics

By: Abbott Magic Co |
February 6 2014 9:55

The 2014 Magi-Fest has come and gone and Abbotts had a table in the dealers room where Greg took these pictures. Thanks to all who […]

Abbott Magic Says “Happy Holidays” wit

By: Abbott Magic Co |
December 20 2013 19:59

Recently we were going through the Abbott archive when we ran across an effect called Dollar Daze by Abbott Magic. Greg mentioned that he remembered […]


By: Abbott Magic Co |
November 13 2013 18:39

VAPR (The ultimate smoke effect for magicians, see demo) is now available as a presale. We have a dozen of these coming and the release […]

First Few Hours Of 76th Get Together

By: Abbott Magic Co |
August 7 2013 17:49

Except for the rain falling around 10am and cancelling the golf tournament (happens about once a decade or so) the Get Together got off to […]

We Lost Jack Bridwell

By: Abbott Magic Co |
July 31 2013 13:16

Abbott Magic and Greg Bordner would like to send our condolences to the family and all the magical family of Jack Bridwell who passed away. […]

Compendium and Hole In One Newsletter

By: Abbott Magic Co |
July 3 2013 18:54

Happy Fourth of July!!! Yes, its that time of the year, the 4th of July, when we release the annual Abbott Compendium and this year […]

We Lost Amos Levkovitch

By: Abbott Magic Co |
June 30 2013 8:01

We just heard Amos Levkovitch passed away (we believe from lung cancer). Amos was one of the top dove workers in the business. A Los […]

We Lost John Hebert

By: Abbott Magic Co |
June 24 2013 21:34

We were saddened to learn of the passing of our friend John Hebert, below is his obituary. Our deepest sympathy goes out to his family. […]

Message From Jeff McBride on the Super Session Aug

By: Abbott Magic Co |
June 19 2013 8:00

Dear Fellow Magician: Students come to my magic classes with a single common vision: to take their magic to the next level of excellence. This […]

Colon Busking Experience Schedule Aug 7-10

By: Abbott Magic Co |
June 19 2013 7:55

What an outstanding free event this is. The Colon Chamber of Commerce and John Sturk have put together some of the best buskers in the […]

Aug 7th Super Showroom Special Book Sale

By: Abbott Magic Co |
June 19 2013 7:51

What happens when a magic shop gets a book with a minor imperfection such as a bent cover? Or if you buy 20 magic tricks […]

Matinee – A Taste of Chicago – August

By: Abbott Magic Co |
June 19 2013 7:48

The Abbott Benefit Matinee begins at 2pm on Saturday August 10th and is designed to raise money to benefit the Colon Lions Club. Although part […]

May 2013 Cover – Clive Allen & Tracy

By: Chuck Kleiber |
May 31 2013 8:12

Clive Allen & Tracy have been professionally entertaining audiences throughout the U.S. since 1994. They are truly creators of wonder… They have transformed many of […]

Flea Market Pics and 1 Cent Download Newsletter

By: Abbott Magic Co |
May 17 2013 9:55

It was not even close in this newsletter, everyone wanted to see the pictures from the Flea Market. Not even a 1 cent download came […]

2013 Flea Market Pics

By: Abbott Magic Co |
May 11 2013 19:25

Thanks to all for a great time. See you in 2014

Hank Moorehouse Flea Market and Auction Looking Go

By: Abbott Magic Co |
May 10 2013 19:43

Flea market time is finally upon us and will take place in about 12 hours from the posting of this so we hope to see […]

Some Illusions/Illusionettes that will be at the F

By: Abbott Magic Co |
May 8 2013 22:07

I stopped in at Abbotts and took some pics of a few of the illusions that will be at the upcoming Flea Market on Saturday […]

Sample Pics From $5 Table

By: Abbott Magic Co |
May 5 2013 8:15

We have talked about the great deals on books that you will receive at the upcoming Hank Moorehouse Flea Market and Auction, now we would […]

Flea Market Leads May 2nd Newsletter

By: Abbott Magic Co |
May 3 2013 8:29

Newsletters are generally thought of as items that promote or try and sell items to customers.  They keep customers informed about current and upcoming events […]

Are Magic Books Boring? Not at the Abbott Fleamar

By: Abbott Magic Co |
May 1 2013 17:15

People remember the great illusion they purchased for only a couple hundred dollars, or the feather flowers they got at half price.  There are always […]

May 11th Flea Market & Auction Update

By: Abbott Magic Co |
April 30 2013 20:55

Hank Moorehouse Magic Flea Market and Auction Update. As many of you know there are some changes to this years Flea Market which takes place […]

April 2013 Cover – John Bundy & Morgan

By: Chuck Kleiber |
April 30 2013 8:02

John Bundy and Morgan are making their third appearance at Abbotts Magic Get Together (1998, 2004). They have dazzled audiences around the world with imaginative […]

Abbotts Celebrates 1000 Downloads

By: Abbott Magic Co |
April 27 2013 14:17

When Abbotts uploaded its first download several years back, no one imagined the day that there would be access to over a 1000 downloads from […]

April 25th Newsletter

By: Abbott Magic Co |
April 25 2013 16:49