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May 2013 Cover – Clive Allen & Tracy

By: Chuck Kleiber |
May 31 2013 8:12

Clive Allen & Tracy have been professionally entertaining audiences throughout the U.S. since 1994. They are truly creators of wonder… They have transformed many of […]

April 2013 Cover – John Bundy & Morgan

By: Chuck Kleiber |
April 30 2013 8:02

John Bundy and Morgan are making their third appearance at Abbotts Magic Get Together (1998, 2004). They have dazzled audiences around the world with imaginative […]

March 2013 Cover – Denny Haney

By: Abbott Magic Co |
March 30 2013 15:06

Scheduled to appear at the 76th Get Together Aug 7-10 2013! A graduate from the CHAVEZ college of magic in 1963, Denny tutored under Howard […]

February 2013 Cover – Jeff Carson

By: Abbott Magic Co |
February 27 2013 15:00

Jeff Carson is a magician, comedian, and juggler. He started performing 42 years ago at the age of 8. After earning a college degree in […]

January 2013 Cover – Christian & Katali

By: Abbott Magic Co |
January 31 2013 14:57

Scheduled to appear at the 76th Get Together Aug 7-10 2013! This entertainment duo will weave a spell of charming playfulness around you and just […]

December 2012 Cover – Ken Groves Comedy Vent

By: Abbott Magic Co |
December 31 2012 23:31

Ken Groves is scheduled to appear at the 76th Abbott Magic Get Together. What the Colon Audience will experience is an incredibly funny show – […]

November 2012 Cover – The Reed Sisters

By: Abbott Magic Co |
November 30 2012 20:38

The Reed Sisters, Jessica, Shayna, and Mandy have amazed audiences throughout the world. These young ladies have been performing magic since the age of three […]

October 2012 Cover – Fielding West

By: Abbott Magic Co |
October 31 2012 18:18

Fielding West is an award winning comedy magician who is also an actor, game show host, TV personality, motion picture technical director, writer, and well… […]

September 2012 Cover – Scott Alexander

By: Gordon Miller |
September 30 2012 17:46

Los Angeles Times “hip, laid back and refreshing.” Scott Alexander is funny, likeable, and his charm appeals to a wide range of people. His amazing […]

August 2012 Cover – The Magic of Puck

By: Gordon Miller |
August 31 2012 11:04

The Magic of Puck! Magician/Illusionist Puck has refined his talents into a collaboration of fine classical magic. He is becoming one of the most sought […]

July 2012 Cover – Rhythm of Magic

By: Gordon Miller |
July 31 2012 10:54

Michael David – Some say he is the “Rhythm” of magic, others just call him “MAD.” Well, Actually he is M.A.D, a magician, actor, and […]

June 2012 Cover – David & Dania

By: Gordon Miller |
June 30 2012 10:50

Dania is a Russian born entertainer. After training in dance and acrobatics, Dania created, with the help of her father, a unique hula-hoop act with […]

May 2012 Cover – Dale Salwak

By: Gordon Miller |
May 31 2012 10:44

Dale Salwak is well known as “The Gentleman of Magic.” One London reviewer said of him, “He doesn’t just do magic; he is magic!” Director […]

April 2012 Cover – Michael Finney

By: Gordon Miller |
April 30 2012 21:39

Michael received the Academy of Arts Award for Comedy Magician of the Year in Hollywood. This award is similar to the Academy Awards for movie […]

Mar 2012 Cover – Eugene Burger

By: Gordon Miller |
March 31 2012 21:35

By definition, magicians are pretty special people, but Eugene Burger is considered exceptional even by other magicians. He has written fifteen best-selling books for the […]

Feb 2012 Cover – Dana Daniels

By: Gordon Miller |
February 28 2012 21:30

Corporate Entertainer and speaker, Dana Daniels, brings to the stage years of performing skill encompassing magic and improvisation wrapped up with impeccable comic timing. Dana […]

Jan 2012 Cover – David Charvet

By: Gordon Miller |
January 31 2012 21:27

Since 1974, David Charvet has been performing, creating and writing about magic. History is David’s passion and he credits his father for his appreciation of […]

Dec 2011 Cover – Victor and Diamond

By: Gordon Miller |
December 31 2011 19:26

This award winning team has brought their dynamic show around the world, using seductive background of primarily jazz music to enhance their flawlessly orchestrated illusions. […]

Nov 2011 Cover – Jeff Hobson

By: Gordon Miller |
November 30 2011 12:20

Jeff Hobson is one of the most in-demand comedy magicians working today. His refreshing and clever mix of comedy and magic has brought him back […]

Oct 2011 Cover – Kevin James

By: Gordon Miller |
October 31 2011 23:59

Kevin’s style of performance is anything but conventional. His unique comedy and magic has gained him a reputation as a world class visual artist. His […]

September 2011 Cover – Mac King

By: Gordon Miller |
September 30 2011 23:59

Acclaimed by MAGIC Magazine as the premiere comedy magician in the world today, Mac was just named “Magician of the Year” by the Magic Castle […]

August 2011 Cover – Tom Mullica

By: Gordon Miller |
August 31 2011 23:59

Tom Mullica’s love affair with show business began in 1953 in Waupun, Wisconsin when, as a five-year-old child, he decided to be a clown. Two […]

July 2011 Cover – James Dimmare

By: Gordon Miller |
July 31 2011 19:10

James Dimmare’s approach to Magic is not unlike his approach to life: totally involved, all consuming, and dedicated to perfection. Despite the ever-changing nature of […]

June 2011 Cover – Ken Mate

By: Gordon Miller |
June 30 2011 18:34

Ken Mate has performed his blend of stand-up comedy and magic for over three decades. He has appeared with more than 80 stars as the […]

May 2011 Cover – Aaron Radatz

By: Gordon Miller |
May 31 2011 9:03

Time Magazine said, “He is the magical entertainer to see.” FOX News said, “Aaron is a fabulous magician!” Aaron Radatz is the newest star to […]