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Monthly Archives: June 2009

Cover June 2009 Chezaday

By: Gordon Miller |
June 28 2009 21:43

Chezaday’s a rock ‘n’ roller. His large-scale illusion show involves plenty of pyrotechnics, flashing lights and – yes – a spandex costume with a lightning […]

Wunders: Of History

By: Paul Nielsen |
June 17 2009 19:24

Did you ever wonder where magic came from? Who were the first magic performers and what were their tricks? Hello, and welcome to “Wunders.” I’m […]

Off the Tops of My Head

By: John Sturk |
June 15 2009 18:25

It’s truly an honor and privilege to be a part of The Newest TOPS. The emails and phone calls I’ve been receiving in support of […]

Subject: Illusions

By: David Seebach |
June 14 2009 17:14

David Seebach’s Abbott’s Bryce’s Screen or Gee, I Know How to use Apostrophes If you are like me your well-worn copy of the Abbott catalog […]


By: Jeff Hobson |
June 13 2009 17:58

“Be Prepared” That’s the Boy Scout motto and should be every performing magician’s words-to-live-by. Being a full-time pro now for thirty years, I’ve racked up […]

Up To My Old Tricks

By: Chezaday |
June 12 2009 14:21

Well at least I’ve got the name of this column figured out. Let me tell you that was no easy task! Years ago I remember […]


By: Ron Jaxon |
June 11 2009 18:17

One of the hardest parts of being a close up magician is working a room. It doesn’t matter if the “room” is a restaurant, bar, […]


By: Senor Rai |
June 10 2009 15:26

Well it was either Happy Hour at the Ritz or writing this column, and you can see what I chose – a labor of love. […]

Escape Artist/Magicienne

By: Julie Sobanski |
June 9 2009 18:02

Not too many people know much about me or my beginnings in magic. So I thought I’d set the record straight. My start in magic […]

From the Magic Capital of the World

By: Greg Bordner |
June 8 2009 18:49

It’s just so great to start The Newest Tops. In this computer age it boggles my mind the amount of speedy information is available. This […]

Hughes Views: If I had my way….”

By: Richard Hughes |
June 8 2009 15:32

If I had my way…. The year was 2003, Saturday night at the 65th Annual Magic Get Together. Gene Anderson was the Emcee for the […]

Masters of Illusion

By: Greg Bordner |
June 1 2009 23:28

MyNetworkTV is programming the last of this season’s all-new magic show MASTERS OF ILLUSION for the sweeps week of May.  The series has been a […]