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Monthly Archives: December 2009

December’s Cover 2009 Sandy Marshall

By: John Sturk |
December 31 2009 1:58

December’s cover features columnist Alexander “Sandy” Marshall. Sandy, the offspring of Jay Marshall, has just completed a biography on his father, “Beating a Dead Horse: […]

Up to My Old Tricks

By: Chezaday |
December 21 2009 19:29

Another month has flown by and as I write we should all be out doing holiday gigs and making some money.  Although things seem to […]

Skilldini Speaks

By: Tim Wright |
December 18 2009 12:05

Dec. 6 2009. Tiger Amanda Jobs Zhu Zhu Warm Cold Left Right Fat Slim Iran Iwalk. Life is a gay spoof an old funny man […]

Hughes’ Views

By: Richard Hughes |
December 17 2009 12:04

Colon’s Hidden Treasure Many things are hidden within the confines of Colon, Michigan.  There are some great fishing spots, beautiful scenery, and some really nice […]

Sandy’s Rants

By: Sandy Marshall |
December 16 2009 10:29

After three and a half years, my book, “BEATING A DEAD HORSE: The Life and Times of Jay Marshall” is finished. This is the point where I can finally take a deep […]


By: Senor Rai |
December 15 2009 12:28

I want to take this time to wish everyone in the magic world a very happy, happy holiday season and a great new year.  I […]

Spill’s Stories

By: Steve Spill |
December 14 2009 12:05

Car Accident I spent a couple years touring in a casino revue called “Spellbound,” my blog entry ( “Out of Africa” has other memories from […]

Magic’s Final Act

By: Gordon Miller |
December 10 2009 9:07

Few places can boast a cemetery as a bona fide tourist attraction but the Lakeside Cemetery in Colon is fast becoming just that. It is […]

Abbott’s Regulars on podcasts this week!

By: John Sturk |
December 8 2009 1:04

Abbott’s regular attendees and native Michiganders Michael Mode and TNT columnist Jeff Hobson were both guests on iTricks’ Magic Week in Review podcast. The pair […]