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Monthly Archives: July 2010

July Cover 2010 Keith Fields

By: Gordon Miller |
July 31 2010 13:39

Keith Fields is new to the Abbott Stage, but this comedy magician from England is bringing a stage act, close up act and lecture to […]

Colon Magic Machine Gearing Up

By: Chuck Kleiber |
July 30 2010 20:26

For the 73rd time in its history, the Abbott Magic Machine is running full speed toward the convention dates of Aug 4-7, also known as […]

Sandy’s Rants

By: Sandy Marshall |
July 23 2010 1:20

After a hugely successful run of Ben Whiting’s show, “American Gypsy” in Chicago, Ben and I headed south to Atlanta where the National SAM Convention […]

Free Sample-MagicSeen Magazine-Free Download

By: Chuck Kleiber |
July 22 2010 7:43

Magicseen Magazine, Europe’s top bi-monthly full colour magic magazine which has been published in the UK for the last five years, is launching a new […]

Official Abbott Magic Get Together Press Release

By: Gordon Miller |
July 16 2010 23:38

The Abbott Magic Co., the Colon Lions Club, and the Colon Chamber of Commerce will celebrate the 73rd annual Abbott Magic Get Together, august 4,5,6,7, […]


By: Senor Rai |
July 14 2010 8:07

Well, you have seen many looks of mine over the years, and now here is the last Pro Photo, taken by Kreigsman in New York.   […]

Skilldini Speaks

By: Tim Wright |
July 13 2010 0:41

Thank you all in that great magic organization, the SAM, for all the work and for the wonderful convention you produced in a great facility. […]

Get Together Compendium Released

By: Chuck Kleiber |
July 6 2010 19:37

The Get Together Compendium is now available as a free download at .  This is  without a doubt the most comprehensive information on the […]

Get-Together Memories

By: Jeff Hobson |
July 1 2010 11:46

I remember. . . my first Abbott’s Magic Get-Together when I was 12 years old. The sites, sounds and smells of the town are still […]