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Monthly Archives: October 2010

Oct Cover 2010 Tina Lenert

By: Gordon Miller |
October 31 2010 19:04

Tina has combined silent comedy with a touch of magic to produce a most unusual and enchanting act entitled “Maid in Heaven,” wherein a very […]

Biokinesis Not To Be Sold At Abbotts

By: Greg Bordner |
October 30 2010 9:48

Abbott Magic has decided it will not sell the Biokinesis props or Dvd due to legal requirements and safety issues. We realize this is a […]

Halloween Patter for the Zombie

By: Gordon Miller |
October 27 2010 18:07

I think the best way to present any floating trick is in a slow and spooky manner. In the following routine, you will find what […]

Halloween Patter for Fraidy Cat Rabbit

By: Gordon Miller |
October 27 2010 8:46

This is a very effective way of bringing a little spooky element into the classic kid show effect. “Many years ago, there was a little […]

Is EXPOSURE another way to get Publicity?

By: Greg Bordner |
October 27 2010 7:47

I enjoyed reading Chuck’s article about exposure and wanted to expand a little more on exposure.  The main point of Chuck’s article is that exposure […]

The Exposure War-History Repeats

By: Chuck Kleiber |
October 24 2010 17:13

Magicians today are understandably upset at the exposure being done via the internet and television.  Many good people are suggesting that magic itself might not […]

Chavez Studio of Magic

By: Greg Bordner |
October 23 2010 10:51

In 1942 a young Neil Foster went to California to attend a magic school which he had read about in the magical press.  That was […]

VOTE For Toledo’s Got Talent

By: Al The Only |
October 22 2010 20:29

If you’re a regular attendee of the Get Together you know Andrew Martin. Andy is Mr. Magic in Toledo. He’s ALWAYS working, appearing on local […]

Dr. Scream Spook Show Revival

By: Gordon Miller |
October 21 2010 22:18

Looking for a fun time…… Greg, Hank and Jackie attended the Dr. Scream Spook Show Revival thurs night in Three Rivers, MI and recommend it.  […]

New Tenyo Items Coming December 2010

By: Greg Bordner |
October 20 2010 23:12

4 new Tenyo items in limited quantities will arrive early December 2010. Additional inventory will be available February 2011. This first run will be available […]


By: Senor Rai |
October 19 2010 18:46

Hello, well here it is October and I am up to my butt in sequins and feathers, (No Kidwell, not my personal drag), doing all […]

East Lansing Magician Doug Dean Passes Away

By: Al The Only |
October 16 2010 16:27

I received this information from Carl Karl. Doug Dean of East Lansing, Michigan died Tuesday, October 12, 2010. He was an optometrist by profession but […]

Abbott Staff Does Monster Mash

By: Chuck Kleiber |
October 13 2010 15:52

This may be my last post once the staff at Abbotts see this but here goes nothing, click on the link below (or the pic […]

Abbott’s Book of the Month

By: Greg Bordner |
October 12 2010 22:07

Books are the best value in magic!  However over the last dozen years we have seen a drop off in book sales and a huge […]

Halloween SpookTacular

By: Chuck Kleiber |
October 9 2010 17:12

The State Theatre in Kalamazoo proudly presents the Second Annual “Halloween SpookTacular” Family Fun Magic & Illusion Show featuring Alan Kazam and Alan Smola. This […]

Steve Wyrick doing Franz Harary’s Illusion o

By: Al The Only |
October 7 2010 1:55

—–Original Message—– From: Franz Harary To: Sent: Wed, Oct 6, 2010 11:10 pm Subject: Get the word out please. Al So,….. I just heard […]

The Halloween Effect Has Begun

By: Gordon Miller |
October 2 2010 14:38

Every year around this time a change takes place at Abbotts Magic, effects which 11 months out of the year are reliable classics in magic […]

Broomsticks and Black Cats

By: Greg Bordner |
October 1 2010 0:24

The following article is a reprint from the October 1936 Tops Magazine and deals with the strange events that occurred during the first ten years […]