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Monthly Archives: February 2011

February 2011 Cover: Bobby Maverick

By: John Sturk |
February 28 2011 23:58

For the last fifteen years, Bobby has been using his experience as a street performer, wit, and high energy level to win several awards in […]

Kevin Heller Joins 74th Get Together Cast

By: Greg Bordner |
February 28 2011 18:31

Kevin tours throughout the midwest with what has been described as a roller coaster ride of magic, comedy and illusion. Along with his wife Robin, […]

1938 Review of John Calvert’s Show

By: MS Mahendra |
February 27 2011 18:25

To our surprise we find Calvert the Magician, is playing Oak Hill, West Virginia, just a few miles from us, so we anxiously await his […]

Abbotts Newsletter – New Tarbell Book

By: Chuck Kleiber |
February 25 2011 19:00

Below is Abbott’s Newsletter – To sign up to receive Abbott’s Newsletter in your email click here Editors Note: Lots of books in this newsletter, […]

59th Annual Blackpool Convention

February 24 2011 14:35

Just returned from the 59th Annual Blackpool Convention.. Who says convention business is off?  Another sell out with 3,200 registered, with 125 dealers doing well. […]

John Calvert – Sept 1964 New Tops

By: Bob Lynn |
February 23 2011 9:46

John Calvert appeared on the cover of Tops magazine in Sept 1964 and this article by Bob Lynn was the cover story.  John will be […]

Hodge Podge – Houdini Is Buried

By: Joe Ganger |
February 21 2011 13:41

The Marker on Houdini’s Grave – As of 2008, no date has been entered for his wife, Bess, although she died in 1943 Dateline November […]

Reminder – McBrides Mystery School Tonight

By: Chuck Kleiber |
February 21 2011 11:40

Shown left a 2000 poster featuring Jeff McBride, available free with any purchase when you visit Abbott’s showroom in Colon MI Jeff McBride, Bryce Kuhlman,Tobias […]

Abbott’s Newsletter – Mental Epic Pads

By: Chuck Kleiber |
February 20 2011 23:09

Below is Abbott’s Newsletter – To sign up to receive Abbott’s Newsletter in your email click here Editors Note:  This newsletter had the usual number […]

1953 – Houdini Movie Premiere

By: Gordon Miller |
February 19 2011 17:30

From 1953 Tops Mag – (5 posters to left available from Abbott’s ) Now that the motion picture “Houdini” has been completed, Paramount publicists say […]

Protected: Fifteen Ways To Use Abbott’s Card

By: Greg Bordner |
February 16 2011 12:02

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Hodge Podge – The Veterans Hospital

By: Joe Ganger |
February 14 2011 20:17

From The “TOPS” Magazine, August 1967. By Monk Watson: “What a week it was … several months back a lady from the Legion auxiliary called […]

The Man Behind “Fooling St Peter”

By: Gordon Miller |
February 13 2011 18:32

When visiting the Colon cemetery during the annual Get Together tour you are going to come across a very well maintained tombstone with the epitah […]

How Blackstone Sr. Averted Panic

By: Gordon Miller |
February 12 2011 19:36

This happened in 1942 and was published in Tops Magazine… When a $40,000 fire destroyed a store building next door to the Lincoln Theatre in […]

Abbott’s Newsletter – New Lamps For Ol

By: Chuck Kleiber |
February 10 2011 16:46

Below is Abbott’s Newsletter – To sign up to receive Abbott’s Newsletter in your email click here Editors Note.  The big seller in this newsletter […]

Broken Wand – Pavel

By: Chuck Kleiber |
February 9 2011 18:52

We were just informed that Swiss Magician Pavel has passed away from cancer.  Pavel performed at five Magic Get Togethers, 1986, 1990, 1994, 2000 and […]

John Sturk Joins 2011 Get Together Roster

By: Greg Bordner |
February 8 2011 18:14

Newest Tops Editor John Sturk is the latest magical talent to join the 2011 Abbott Magic Get Together Roster. John Sturk is an award-winning comedy […]

Clowning With Dune Buggy Remembered

By: Gordon Miller |
February 7 2011 18:34

On 25 Jan 2011, Jim Dune Buggy Russell passed on. This is a reprint from 1989 Regardless of your clowning status:  amateur, semi-pro, or professional, […]

The Get Together Equinox has Passed

By: Greg Bordner |
February 5 2011 19:21

As you may or may not know, today we passed the Get Together Equinox which means, in a nutshell, that we are closer to the […]

Columbus Magi-Fest Pics Are In

By: Greg Bordner |
February 4 2011 13:37

It is hard to review a convention that you don’t attend. I was there but only live in the dealers room. I try to just […]

Broken Wand – Tim Conover

By: Greg Bordner |
February 3 2011 10:33

Abbott’s just received word (from Magic New Zealand) that Mentalist/Magician Tim Conover has passed away. Tim Conover has over thirty years of performing experience and […]

Yumi Joins 2011 Get Together Roster

By: Greg Bordner |
February 1 2011 20:37

The Magic Get Together has long been an international event, this year is no different with one of Japans most popular acts – Yumi.  Her […]