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Monthly Archives: February 2012

Feb 2012 Cover – Dana Daniels

By: Gordon Miller |
February 28 2012 21:30

Corporate Entertainer and speaker, Dana Daniels, brings to the stage years of performing skill encompassing magic and improvisation wrapped up with impeccable comic timing. Dana […]

Hodge Podge – Harry Opel Chapter 15

By: Joe Ganger |
February 24 2012 21:22

Harry Opel (1883 – 1955) was a professional stage magician, juggler and amateur poet. Opel became a professional stage magician around 1900 and toured the […]

Latest Newsletter as Abbotts Passes the Equinox

By: Abbott Magic Co |
February 17 2012 9:21

We have just past the Get Together Equinox which means we are now closer to the 75th Get Together than we were away from the […]

Eugene Burger added to 75th Get Together

By: Abbott Magic Co |
February 17 2012 8:40

By definition, magicians are pretty special people, but Eugene Burger is considered exceptional even by other magicians. He has written fifteen best-selling books for the […]

Press Release from Jeff Taylor of American Museum

By: Abbott Magic Co |
February 15 2012 20:37

Jeff Grow Returns to American Museum of Magic Jeff Grow is returning to the American Museum of Magic on Saturday, February 18, and he’s bringing […]

Abbott Instructions Now Available Online

By: Abbott Magic Co |
February 10 2012 10:08

The first 400 or so Abbott instructions are now available online. Theses are primarily for. -Replacing damaged or lost instructions -Assisting sellers and buyers of […]

Upcoming Ads In Magic Magazine and Linking Ring

By: Abbott Magic Co |
February 6 2012 10:23

Below is a sneak preview of our upcoming ads in Magic Magazine (color ad) and Linking Ring (black and white ad)

Closeup Convention Schedule Announced

By: Abbott Magic Co |
February 5 2012 8:43

Its hard to believe that the Closeup Convention is only one month away but here we are. For many of us the Closeup Convention means […]

Magi Fest Pics In

By: Abbott Magic Co |
February 1 2012 23:35

The Columbus Magi Fest held their 81st convention in Columbus last week and it was a great turn out and a great time for all. […]