Let’s give this a shot .. ya, I’m a little behind again.  Spring has sprung and the summer will be here before you know it.  I do look forward to the warmer weather but, I don’t look forward to working outdoors.  I have plenty of horror stories to back that up.  The fairs and festivals are nightmares for us.  Many times you’re working under a tent .. if you’re lucky.  Other times it would be nice to have a flat surface to work on.  Let’s just say it can be a bit challenging.  The wind, rain and heat can really take a toll on you and your equipment.  Not to mention the distractions that surround you during an event.

A few years ago, we were working for a park district under their band shell.  Normally this is a piece of cake .. not this evening.  Our outdoor set-up usually takes a little over an hour or so for a simple illusion show.  I had Valerie and Tony with for this local gig.  The skies were clear and we were expecting a big crowd for tonight’s show.  We were all set up and it was almost showtime.  Then things started looking strange .. we decided to get the show underway.  As a precaution we moved all our equipment back and brought the audience up on on to the pavilion. I told the crowd that they would get to see the magic right up close.  We began and the show was underway.   There were a few drops of rain but, I figured we were all safe.  Then things started looking ugly .. and we decided to call the show.  We really had no choice .. little did we know what was coming our way.  I told the kids I would return and that it was more important that everyone get home safely.

Although there was some protection above, all my props were still out in the open.  I wasn’t about to loose my show so,  we bravely moved everything towards the back wall and began to pack .. and fast! The wind, rain and lighting were surrounding us .. it felt like we were in the middle of a hurricane. Once everything was in it’s  case we ran for the nearest shelter.  We waited for the storm to pass before we could get everything back in the van.  We were soaked to the bone by the time it was all over.  You can never be too prepared for an outdoor event but,  Mother Nature won that round.