chezThe summer is just flying by and as I write this little article it’s only a few days away from the 72nd Abbott’s Magic Get-together. I still look forward to a few days with friends from around the country. It really feels more like a family reunion than anything else. If you’re new to the gathering, please introduce yourself! I’m pretty easy to find.

I’ve got just about all my homework done for our upcoming show at the Get-Together. Many times when we’re performing out of town, we have to rely on a local crew to make it all happen. In this type of situation I have to divide the cues and determine who does what backstage to make things go smoothly. There are music cues, lighting cues, and props will need to be set and struck in a matter of moments. Every show is different and the only one that has rehearsed all this is my Chezababe, Valerie. She’s got plenty of her own things to take care of: hair, make-up and so on. I’ll get smacked for that one… I was joking, of course! She’s really does do most of the secret stuff, and keeps things moving on stage.

magicgettogether2The show is broken down into a set list with specific cues for each illusion. From the moment we’re introduced, it’s like a roller coaster; there’s no stopping until the ride comes to an end. In our case, it’s the final bow with confetti cannons exploding across the stage. I’ve done my best to prepare for the event and I’m sure it will all go well. There are plenty of things that can get in the way, but we’ll be ready. The most important thing I try to do is have fun with it. If the audience can see I’m having a good time up there, they will too.

We’ll be doing four illusions and two smaller bits in just twenty minutes. I’ve been very good with sticking to time, but the audience interaction is a variable that just can’t be precise. After all these years, I’ve got it figured out. The show has to stay on schedule. It’s all part of the deal.

Over the weekend I’ll be cleaning props and loading the van for the trip. I still have costumes to pack and I have to make sure everything at home is taken care of. I’ve been pacing myself and it’s getting down to the last few days. As of today, my mother is in the hospital for a short stay and I’m sure she’ll be back home before I hit the road. Hopefully I’ll have a little time to relax .. and not stress out too much about the show. I know things will be just fine but, I still get nervous before I step out on stage… and that’s because I care.

Hope to see you there!