The 2011 Abbott Get Together is proud to announce that it will host John Calvert and Tammy as their guests August 3,4,5,6,2011 John Calvert is truly a legend of legerdemain and will be celebrating his 100 birthday on August 5th. From his humble beginnings in the town of New Trenton, Indiana he would reach the heights of the ultimate stage magician. He is representative of the age of touring magic shows that appeared on stages around the globe in the bygone days of yesteryear. His career has spanned decades and he has traveled the world in his own planes, yachts and motor homes. This fantastic personality truly represents the entire world of magic. His appearances in thousands of shows with tons of props, numerous assistants, not including his career as a movie star, is an inspiration to young and old. His biographer, William V. Rauscher, who wrote, ‘John Calvert: Magic and Adventure Around the World’ has said, “When John Calvert leaves the world there will be a charismatic blackout!”. He also called him ‘the Indiana Jones of magic.’ If his health permits John will perform for us, but the most important thing for those attending the Get Together will be the pleasure of seeing and sharing friendship with a true icon of magic. We feel that a possible question and answer time will allow us a glimpse into his 100 years of yesterdays. But, regardless of age we shall learn that John is a horizon personality and a man who has always surmounted obstacles. We will be in the presence of a world traveler, transoceanic yachtsman, big game hunter, marksman, conservationist, hypnotist, pickpocket, daredevil, designer, draftsman, builder, actor, producer, artist, musician, pilot, athlete, escape artist, publicist, businessman, and raconteur who has endured plane crashes, being lost at sea, and far too numerous life threatening events. John Calvert is not only representative of a life of magic but feels that life itself is magic.

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