Here are some early pictures of the Colon and the Abbott Magic Get Together taken in the early stages of the day. The Dealers Room was ready to go and survived an early run on the discounted books, the Blindfolded Drive went off without a hitch, hosted by BJ Mallen with Dan Stapleton doing the actual driving. The blindfolds were inspected by Colon’s finest yet Dan managed to maneuver through the streets of Colon without incident. Also the Rick Marotta lecture went on at the High School (I’ve given up trying to take pics in the low light of the theater, I’ll leave that to our pro David Linsell). We were especially impressed with the mouse/rat trap used as a card sword. Super Impressive! Just before we had to leave to check into our hotel John Calvert arrived, they have a very impressive setup in the dealers room (including a green screen).