Just to bring everyone up to date, the loss of Hank Moorehouse as show producer is certainly a blow to any organization and we certainly could never replace him, however someone will succeed him… but not until the 76th Get Together because Hank had 90% of the 75th arranged and we plan on doing our best to follow his instructions to the letter (as we have in the past). Greg Bordner will be the main contact for the show arrangements but it will be Hanks show and Hanks dream that you will see.

Hank told us personally that he wanted the 75th to be his “finale” as show producer and some of the things he has planned for it are awesome. So much so that the price of the Get Together will go up to $200 for a full registration. However, for those who want to register early, the price will stay at the current rate of $170 until at least the end of August.

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Of course the 74th was great, thanks to John and Tammy Calvert for a historic performance and of course thanks to all the performers for making it a great convention.