This newsletter focused on Abbott’s instant downloads and nothing else (we had just hit our 100th instant download and thought it would be a nice way to celebrate the event). The especially when you look at the results. Basicly two links got almost 2/3 of the traffic, the big winner being”View All Downloads” with 31% and the download version of Premonition with 29%. Nothing else cracked 10% although if we had to pick the #3 link it would be “View All Workshop Plans” which came in with a little over 7% of the clicks.

For those who did not have a chance to read it, All of Abbotts instant downloads except one are $4 (The one that isn’t is David Seebachs Combo package which features an instant download of 100 of his articles plus his book “So You Want To Be An Illusionist” shipped to you via snail mail). The instant downloads work best with Paypal (making it truly instant as the download instructions are sent at the time of purchase) and are available as three types, pdf books, pdf workshop plans, and pdf years of Tops magazine.

Needless to say many instant downloads were downloaded on account of this newsletter so we have to believe that not everyone knew we have had them available now for well over a year, probably closer to two. The attached picture shows the “unbalanced results” better than I could ever describe it.



PREMONITION - This is an effect in the miracle class, one that your audiences will remember you by, it is a reputation builder! You have only to perform this effect once before an audience of one or one thousand and we know that you will agree with our enthusiasm.  $4.00

ESCAPES – This book of more than fifty-four pages fulfills a long-felt need for the magician and escape artist. Its profusely illustrated pages form a complete compendium of the best in escapes. It fully describes how to build box, bag and chain effects. The contents also include: Rod Ties, Mail Bar & Bag, Strait Jacket, Sack Escapes, Handcuff Dive, Underwater Escapes, Rope Ties & Releases, Chain Acts, Coffin Escapes, How to Open Padlocks, Wrist Ties and Challenge Acts. $4.00

SID LORRAINES SCRAPBOOK – is a compilation of five of Lorraine’s most popular works: Patter, More Patter, A Magician in the House, Twenty Two Terrific Tricks and Gags, Routines and Patter. Yes, you’ll learn tricks from Sid Lorraine’s Scrapbook. Mechanics are described in detail, teaching dozens of card tricks and close-up tricks. $4.00

STRANGE SECRETS VOL 1 -  contains the complete text and illustrations from the following Abbott publications:
“Thrilling Magic” by Leonard H. Miller;
“Super Sensitive Fingertips” by H. Albright;
“Map Mirako Act” by Vin Carey;
“Mindreading for Two People” ;
“Super Memory Plus” by Gerald Kosky;
“Forbidden Wisdom” by H. Albright;
“Thought Wings Onward–Part One” . $4.00

KID SHOW SHOMANSHIP – The material in this work will guide you as to what to wear, how to plan your program, how to choose assistants from the audience, how to open the show, how to close the show and how to handle repeat engagements. It tells you what to say and what not to say and even gives sound advice on how to sell your act. The book is printed, photo illustrated and recommended by kid show performers one hundred percent! Written by Bruce Posgate. $4.00

Abbott instant downloads work best with Pay pal since the download is truly instant. 
Credit Cards work as well but have to be approved manually before download info is sent so we suggest Paypal if you are in a hurry or on weekends.

Currently the Instant Download category is divided into 3 sections, Books, Tops Mags, and Workshop Plans. The only download which is not $4 is Subject Illusion Combo  which comes with the book “So You Want To Be An Illusionist” shipped to you.

1963 TOPS
The entire year of Tops magazines from 1963.  This year is very popular because it was posted on a board as the year that contains the plans for the “Pogo Ball” effect by Abbotts.  We currently have 42 complete years of Tops available for download at $4 each.
I think everyone has seen a version of this, perhaps most popular as “Bumps in the Night”.  Currently we have 43 Abbott workshop plans available including many of the greatest stage illusions of all time, available for $4 each. 
Zombie effects are very popular so its no surprise this is our leading book download.  If you are interested in performing the famous “Zombie” effect, you must have this book. Currently we have 14 books available for instant download at $4 each.

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