Recently we were going through the Abbott archive when we ran across an effect called Dollar Daze by Abbott Magic. Greg mentioned that he remembered the effect as a boy (said it used to come in a red wrapper back then). The effect was printed on light cardboard about 1/16″ – 1/32″ thick and I took one home and I performed it for my family and they simply loved it. In fact, the effect is so simple its easy for a child to learn since there are no moves to speak of.

With today’s computerized world we thought it would the perfect effect to share with our magic world so we are presenting it here as a free download. Simply print the design you want (we have one for Christmas, Halloween, Easter, and the original Dollar Daze design). The pdf file is below and is about 2 megs in size. We hope you and your family enjoy playing with this effect as much as we did.

Download Abbotts Holidaze

We have done a demo on one of the effects that we call Letters to Santa below.